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Colombia Gesha

250 grams

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Origin: Colombia 

Region: Huila, Algeciras

Varietal: Geisha

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Tasting notes: Clementine, white grape, jasmine, elderflower 

Fun Fact: Geisha coffee plants produce less than half the amount of coffee cherries compared to varietals like Catuai!

The Process:

Anaerobic fermentation is a coffee processing method where coffee cherries are fermented in an environment where the coffee is deprived of oxygen during the fermentation stage! Deprivation of oxygen can happen within a bag, vat, or other container that limits oxygen’s ability to reach the coffee as it ferments. The oxygen is then released via a one-way valve, or specifically pushed out by forcing carbon dioxide into the container being used. This allows for a longer fermentation phase to occur without the risks of over fermentation! In this case the coffee is anaerobically fermented for 90 hours and then is dried in a coffee drying shed for 14 days.

Behind the Producer:

Altitude: 1800m

Farm: Lote Numero 5

Producer: Rosa Cortez

About the farm: Rosa Cortez is a woman who has dedicated her life to coffee. Her story begins on a small farm, a family inheritance full of tradition and love for the land. Over time, Rosa and her siblings started working on the farm, turning it into a family business. What makes Rosa’s coffee special is the unique combination of the farm’s climatic conditions and the careful process they undertake. From planting to harvesting and processing, each stage is carried out by the family without hiring external staff. Rosa takes pride in keeping the family tradition alive and offering exceptional coffee that reflects the hard work and love they have put into each bean. Every cup of coffee is a unique experience that transports coffee lovers to the aromas and flavors of this beautiful farm.

Why We’re Stoked!

We fell in love with the rich sweetness and delicate flavors of this coffee.

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