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Little Bear Coffee is a specialty coffee company and roastery serving fully-traceable, ethically-sourced, specialty-grade coffee in Albuquerque, since 2018.

Little Bear strives to be an inclusive, supportive space for the community; and provide an experience as great as their coffee. Little Bear has three cafes in Albuquerque; the original cafe in Uptown, the industrial, converted vintage garage cafe in Nob Hill on historic Route 66 and the bright and airy Civic Plaza location in Downtown Albuquerque.


Why the name Little Bear?

It's the question we get asked the most. We wish we had a more succinct story to tell you, but the truth is, Little Bear began as a feeling, not a name. We wanted to share our serious passion for specialty coffee in an approachable and fun way. We dreamed of a brand that was grounded in nature, felt welcoming and a touch whimsical. Our inspiration included: thrifted nature books, hiking guides and NM’s hero, Smokey the Bear; all roads led us to Little Bear. We couldn’t tell you exactly how we landed on the name, but we can tell you that something about it felt like home.


We are people-people over coffee-people. But we are also, very much so, coffee-people. 

At Little Bear, we strive to be an inclusive space that supports local art, fosters community and shares our deep love of specialty coffee. Coffee is communal, we work diligently to create the best spaces for friends, old and new, to enjoy.

We are proud to intentionally and ethically source all of our coffees. We are continuously creating direct partnerships and friendships with producers and farmers to ensure that every coffee we purchase primarily benefits the individuals involved in its production. At Little Bear, exceptional flavor should be a given, but the best coffees are the ones that purposefully improve the communities they come from. 

At Little Bear Coffee, we work to bring the best coffees the world has to offer and create spaces that are as thoughtfully-designed as they are welcoming; all in an effort to encourage more shared moments and make new friends. Our ethos is simple: Love People, Use Coffee.

good drinks only

Little Bear’s passion for good drink goes beyond coffee; in the evenings the Nob Hill cafe becomes Little Bear PM, Albuquerque's first natural wine bar serving natural wine, beer and cocktails.


Want to join our team?

We are actively accepting applications. If you want to join us in providing great coffee & customer service, apply at the link below!

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