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La Frontera

250 grams

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Origin: Mexico

Region: Chiapas

Varietal: Garnica and Bourbon

Processing: Honeyed 

Tasting notes: Toffee, nougat, black tea, sweet tobacco

The Process:

Honey (or pulped natural) process is a hybrid processing method that combines elements of both natural and washed techniques. In honey processing, coffee is depulped but allowed to dry first before washing. Unlike natural processing, where most if not all of the fruit is left on the coffee, only some fruit is left! 

Fun fact: The reason for the name “honey process” is because while most of the cherry is gone, the remaining fruit becomes golden; and the sticky mucilage is reminiscent of honey!

Behind the Producer:

Altitude:1456-1600 masl

Farm: Amatenango de la Frontera

Producer: Luis Ordóñez Pérez

About the farm: Luis Ordóñez Pérez is a farmer from Amatenango de la Frontera, located in Chiapas! His farm is located right near the board of Guatemala and just a stone's throw away from Huehuetenango. With the help of his youngest son Meynor, Luis manages his 26 hectare farm; a large farm for this coffee region. Luis has been working the land for over 25 years! On the farm, they cultivate more than a dozen different varieties and are committed to harvesting high quality coffees. Luis’ goal is to open a centralized wet mill in Amatenango where he can buy cherries from other farmers on both sides of the Mexican/Guatemalan border. As someone who is familiar with the exploitation of farmers by large domestic buyers, he wants to give back to his neighbors, help stabilize their income and give them a meaningful path forward in the industry.

Why we’re stoked!

Over the last 6 years we’ve had several coffees from Mexico but none have been quite like this one! We’re super excited to showcase this fun and exciting honey processed coffee from Chiapas. It has all of the things we love about washed Mexican coffees but has some unique character!

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