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Peru Amazonas

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Region: Amazonas

Varietal: Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache, Typica

Processing: Natural or sundried

Tasting notes: black cherry, light brown sugar, lemon peel, shortbread cookie

The Process:

Natural (or sundried) processing is the most traditional processing method for coffee! In Natural processing the whole cherry is left on the coffee and is placed on flat raised beds or patios to fully dry out (think turning the coffee cherries into little coffee raisins!). While natural processing can take longer than some other processing methods it can be a more accessible processing method for smaller producers while still having those complex fruity notes that the Little Bear team loves. 

Behind the Producer:

Altitude: 1600m - 1800m

Farm: Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros Juan Marco El Palto

This coffee is from a cooperative of around 189 active members with a total area of 549 hectares of coffee! Fun fact: Women represent 40 of the organization's families, including continual representation on their Board of Directors! The cooperative invests the premiums received from their FT certification in a number of important community projects, including crop renovations, a fund for education programs and the construction of schools

Why We’re Stoked!

We haven't carried a coffee from Peru for quite some time but we couldn’t miss out on sharing this amazing coffee! It exemplifies the balance of those classic flavors you expect from a Peruvian coffee but with a fun Natural twist. One of our green coffee sourcing partners actually visited this co-op on his very first origin trip about 8 years ago, and he is the one who told us we needed to check this project out! Not only is it one of his favorites but it’s slowly becoming one of ours too! We’re super happy to be partnering with a co-op that has over 189 active members and has women on their Board of Directors.

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