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Pink & Yellow Bourbon Coffee– same origin, same farm couldn’t be more different

Pink & Yellow Bourbon Coffee– same origin, same farm couldn’t be more different

From the verdant mountains of Huila, Colombia, comes a tale of two bourbons and one dedicated farmer. Efrén Echeverri, with over 20 years of experience in coffee farming, brings innovation and passion to his craft, producing two distinct Bourbon coffees that are a testament to his expertise and creativity. These sibling coffees, though grown on the same farm, offer completely unique flavor profiles, thanks to their different processing methods.

Yellow Bourbon: The Naturalist

The Yellow Bourbon is a nod to traditional, yet innovative, processing methods. This coffee undergoes anaerobic fermentation, a technique originally borrowed from the beer and wine industries. Anaerobic fermentation involves fermenting coffee cherries in an oxygen-deprived environment, which can be achieved using bags, vats, or other containers. Oxygen is carefully controlled and released via a one-way valve, or by introducing carbon dioxide to push the oxygen out. This meticulous process allows for an extended fermentation period without the risk of over-fermentation.

For the Yellow Bourbon, this process takes 120 hours in cans, followed by 15 days of drying in a coffee shed. The result? A coffee that bursts with bright, zesty flavors. In the cup, you’ll experience a vibrant medley of citrus and tropical notes, including star fruit, papaya, Colombian lulo and sweet yuzu. It’s an incredibly lively and refreshing coffee that stands out with its unique flavor profile.

Pink Bourbon: The Maximalist

On the other hand, the Pink Bourbon takes a more experimental approach with co-fermentation. This trending method in coffee processing involves adding fruits or spices to the coffee during fermentation. While some regions have long practiced adding cinnamon to fermentation tanks, the modern trend sees a variety of additives being used, such as grapes, lychee, and cardamom. For the Pink Bourbon, the coffee is anaerobically fermented for 170 hours with coconut must and activated with wine yeasts before being dried in a coffee shed for 15 days.

The result of this co-fermentation process is a coffee that is rich and decadent, with sugary notes reminiscent of vanilla frosting, carrot cake, caramel, and, of course, coconut. It’s a luxurious and indulgent flavor profile that contrasts beautifully with the bright and zesty Yellow Bourbon.

Experience Both with Our Bourbon Buddy Pack

To truly appreciate the unique flavors of these two coffees, try them both with our exclusive Bourbon Buddy Pack. This online exclusive offers you the chance to sample these distinct coffees side-by-side, in 100g bags, and decide which one resonates with your palate. Will you be captivated by the bright, citrusy notes of the Yellow Bourbon, or will the rich, decadent flavors of the Pink Bourbon win you over?

Join us in celebrating the innovative spirit of Efrén Echeverri and the diverse, delightful world of specialty coffee. Order your Bourbon Buddy Pack today and taste some of the best Colombia has to offer!

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