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La Bonita Huila Colombia

250 grams

Regular price $30.00

Origin: Colombia 

Region: Huila, Algeciras

Varietal: Java

Fun fact: Java is an Ethiopia landrace varietal 

Processing: Anaerobic Natural

Tasting notes: Passion fruit, bubble gum, guava, green apple candy

The Process:

Anaerobic fermentation is a coffee processing method where coffee cherries are fermented in an environment where the coffee is deprived of oxygen during the fermentation stage! Deprivation of oxygen can happen within a bag, vat, or other container that limits oxygen’s ability to reach the coffee as it ferments. The oxygen is then released via a one-way valve, or specifically pushed out by forcing carbon dioxide into the container being used. This allows for a longer fermentation phase to occur without the risks of over fermentation. In this case, the coffee is anaerobically fermented for 40 hours in bags and then was left for 12 hours to oxidize and finally was left for 48 hours to create a dry fermentation. 

Fun fact: Anaerobic processing was originally used in the beer and wine industry and was co-opted several years ago in coffee processing!  

Behind the Producer:

Altitude: 1400masl

Farm: La Bonita

Producer: Rogelio Espinoza

Rogelio Espinoza had always dreamed of having his own farm. In 2020, his dream came true, Rogelio and his spouse moved to their farm. At first, they did not plan to grow coffee because of the altitude. However, after visiting another estate in the region, Rogelio was impressed with the coffee that was produced. He decided to take a seed and plant coffee on his estate to see how it would grow. Rogelio later began experimenting with different fermentation processes for coffee. He tried different fermentation times and after much trial and error, he found a process that gave the coffee a unique and delicious taste!

Why We’re Stoked!

Funny enough, this coffee was a blind buy for us. We took a leap of faith because Luis, one of our importing partners, loved this coffee and said we had to have it. Once we tried it we knew it was destined to be on our menu, we couldn’t be happier to share it with you!

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